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I am a self-employed Software Developer with passion in I.T industry.

Recently, I am excited about the development features of Amazon Web Service.  It provides any developer has an opportunity working in enterprise scale network environment to develop a large scale system such as multinational ERP System, Big Data Analytics System, IOT Solution etc…

The philosophy behinds Amazon Web Service is using AWS resources instead of purchasing your own hardware just like using electricity from a power company instead of running your own generator. You only pay only for what you use.

It reminded me that I had an interview for an Analyst Programmer position in a Software House (Today’s Term Software Developer) about 20 years ago. The company was developing OS/400 application software for IBM AS400 Mainframe. Hence, The boss questioned me about my networking infrastructure knowledge and programming skill. Because I was working in SCO UNIX on PC based computer at that time. Nowadays, the PC is a key component of Grid computing and Cloud Computing.

The site is running on Amazon Web Services. I choose Amazon Linux OS and WordPress Portal Software. Furthermore, I am building my own Open Source Report Server too.




How we teach computers to understand pictures | Fei Fei Li

Robot from MIT.


Word of Earth

Please STOP feeding her (Earth) junk like plastic box, package wrapping and food wastage.

What did people do for the Blue Planet?images

Do you think that human is going to throw the Earth into trash bin?
They are going to migrate to Mars and leave Earth behind.
Yes, you are already preparing yourself to leave our Home planet for good.
How many trash you produce everyday? Fast Food Plastic Box, Wrapping Paper, etc …

Great Pacific Garbage Patch














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